Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Best Apps To Track Lost Android Mobile Phone

" Android programmers attention is focused on creating pieces of software which help us find and get our phones back. In the list below, we will recommend you the apps which we consider to be the best in performing this task. "

Anti Theft Droid :

ALTThis free app is controlled through text messages you send to your phone and is able to do many things in order to help you find your phone and rescue it from the thieves. It features two ways to report on the location of the device – one using the NET approximate method, the other using standard GPS. A good thing about this app is that it can run silently and never affect your battery, so you can install it and forget about it (hopefully forever because that would mean your phone is never stolen
Download : Anti Theft Droid

Prey Anti-Theft : 

ALTThe open source solution for your anti theft app needs, Prey Anti-Theft offers what most of the similar apps offer and you can download it for free. It features SIM change detection – if the thief changes the phone card, it won’t mean losing all the chances for recovering your phone because this action will be reported to you through a text message. Another neat features which distinguish Prey from the competition are uninstall protection and wifi location.
Download : Prey Anti-Theft

Wheres My Droid :

ALTAlienman Tech constantly improving app Wheres My Droid is not just one more phone tracking solution – it is a very stable and solid app, offering you all the features you would need in the unwanted scenario of your smartphone getting lost or stolen. By using Wheres My Droid, you can make your phone vibrate, find it with GPS and lock it with password so that your settings and data are safe from meddling with. If you buy the pro version, you can count on some more interesting features like the ability to remotely delete all your data, lock the phone or take pictures with your camera and see where your device is.
Download : Wheres My Droid

Lookout Mobile Security :

ALTA unified security solution for smartphones, Lookout Mobile Security will protect your phone from internet attacks while the device is with you and in case it gets stolen it will help you track it through GPS. It’s great backup feature will make automatic backups and upload them for easy access on the account you set up on website.
Download : Lookout Mobile Security

Commodo Anti Theft :

ALTThis app tracks your phones location over GPS and displays it with the help of Google Maps. It prides itself in being the Swiss army knife among the anti-theft apps, because it offers you a wide range of ways to discover where your missing smartphone is and protect the data on it until you recover it successfully. Using short text messages which you send to your phone (for example locate immediately followed by your password) you can regain control over the device and find it in no time.
Download : Comodo Anti Theft 

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